STK-009 STK-009
High energy HT-CDI ignition only system.
Self generating CDI ignition eliminates requirement for a battery, points or distributor. Ideal for Trails and MX.
Replaces the original Lucas/Wipac alternator and rotor.
Keyless rotor fitting on to crankshaft. This uses a taper collet to lock the rotor key securely on to the crank. Advantages over a woodruff key and keyway are infinite positioning of the rotor for ignition timing. Can be used where there is a worn crank or damaged keyway.
The spark energy and the timing are produced by the stator coil. The exact advance curve is determined by the stator + CDI combination.
Easy timing set-up, adjustment is via slotted holes with setting markings shown on the rotor and stator.
Fully compatible for operation within the engine oil.
Commonly fitted for race applications where the low inertia flywheel allows for rapid engine acceleration.
Rotor weight: 0.398kg Complete kit weight: 1.36kg.
For ignition and lighting please click STK-109D below in related products
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